Hamad Al Ibrahim

Science, Innovation and Technology Policy; Middle East, Entrepreneurship; Health Care Reform; Governance Reform

Hamad Al Ibrahim is a Ph.D. candidate at the Pardee RAND Graduate School. Prior to joining Pardee RAND, he was the executive vice president for Research and Development at Qatar Foundation.

A passionate advocate for a knowledge-based economy, Al Ibrahim created a unified, evidence-based R&D policy at the national level while at the Foundation. Using both his experience as a surgeon and his skill in managing data sets and building systems to help planning and evaluating organizations, he approached R&D from a multidisciplinary perspective, involving the stakeholders in critical decision making. He created new funding mechanisms promoting public-private consortiums and incentivized local, private industry to get involved in co-funding research and partnering with academia.

As chairman of Qatar Science and Technology Park, Al Ibrahim broadened the financial support mechanisms for startups in Qatar and directly introduced Qatar’s business environment to U.S. startups. He used the uncertainties related to the creation of new startups in Qatar as windows of opportunity to diversify the economy and strengthen Qatar’s path toward sustainable growth.
Al Ibrahim saw his role as a steward of science and created and implemented, for the first time in Qatar, research integrity and financial conflict-of-interest policies to promote scientific objectivity.

Al Ibrahim has an L.R.C.P. and S.IM., M.B. B.Ch. from the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, and an Executive MBA from HEC Paris. His research interests include science, technology, and innovation policies; small advanced economies; entrepreneurship; knowledge economies; and research impact evaluation.