The Future of Free Trade

On July 19, the Center for the National Interest hosted a discussion of the future of free trade with Milton Ezrati, recently senior economist and market strategist at Lord, Abbett & Co. and Bruce Stokes director of global economic attitudes at the Pew Research Center. The discussions focused on public opinion research on the growing skepticism of trade agreements

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"China’s alarm over the U.S.-South Korean decision to deploy the... THAAD system hints at the creeping threat of an arms race in East Asia. Beijing is deeply concerned that, while the missile defense system is intended to safeguard against North Korean nuclear and ballistic missiles, its deployment may also weaken China’s deterrent capabilities."

-Robert Cantelmo

"It would be foolish for Trump’s detractors to underestimate the potency of his candidacy. He clearly does have a strong, instinctual aversion to intervention abroad that he will clearly enunciate during his convention speech..."

-Jacob Heilbrunn

"Needless to say, a military coup in the world’s greatest democracy—a common twentieth-century tactic in the developing world to subvert a democratic outcome that the military establishment doesn’t want to accept—is probably not the answer either."

-Daniel DePetris

"It’s in the U.S. national interest to explore better relations with Russia from a position of strength, something that will require both patience and realism in acknowledging that the effort may not succeed. If Moscow refuses to oblige, Washington should do whatever is necessary to protect its interests. Since this is likely to be risky and costly, it should not be America’s first choice."

-Dimitri K. Simes

"Before proceeding much further, US officials and America’s many allies and partners in Asia should think carefully about what they are prepared to do in pursuing each of these paths and when and how they could step off an unsuccessful path at the least cost."

-Paul J. Saunders

"A more hard-boiled Erdogan in the wake of the coup attempt probably will be less inclined than before to take a constructive and forward-looking posture toward the Kurds, and this will be another complication in dealing with the war in northern Syria."

-Dr. Paul Pillar



The Center for the National Interest honored Senators Tim Kaine (D-VA) and Pat Roberts (R-KS) with its 2016 Distinguished Service Awards on May 23 in Washington, DC. Center President Dimitri Simes delivered the evening’s opening remarks. Center Vice Chairman Dov Zakheim introduced Senator Kaine and Center Chairman Charles Boyd introduced Senator Roberts. After brief speeches

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