China’s Military Posturing in the East and South China Seas: A Losing Strategy

On January 14, the Center for the National Interest hosted two leading foreign policy practitioners to discuss the increasingly tense security environment in the East and South China Seas. Admiral Dennis Blair, a former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command and Director of National Intelligence (2009-2010), provided an optimistic assessment of the current regional security

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"Where will the impulse to purge the past of its sins end? Should Washington, DC, named after a slave owner, adopt a new title? Should the Jefferson memorial be torn down?"

-Jacob Heilbrunn

"Putin’s terms for a settlement are arguably more palatable for regional states that see Iran’s motives in Syria as opportunistically sectarian."

-Dr. Andrew J. Bowen

It’s very hard to solve the Islamic State problem without solving the Syria problem

-Daniel Byman

"...With only one year left in Obama’s second term, it increasingly appears that the president who wanted a legacy of withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan will instead leave a legacy of continuing war in the Middle East."

-Paul J. Saunders

"Analysts explain that even though the Cold War style hostility toward Russia is not born out in concrete U.S. policies—the security and political situation in Eastern Europe remains largely status quo— Russia has become an ideal 'Goldilocks' adversary in the collective national psyche."

-Matthew Rojansky


Event: Countdown to War

On April 21, the Center hosted an event to discuss the new National Interest cover story “Russia and America: Stumbling to War,” by Graham Allison, Director of Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs and Dimitri K. Simes, President of the Center for the National Interest. The speakers cautioned against the unintentional escalation

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