A New Watergate? Trump, Nixon, Leaks and the Media

On March 16, the Center for the National Interest hosted a panel discussion titled “A New Watergate? Trump, Nixon, Leaks and the Media.” Speakers included Robert Merry, Editor of The American Conservative, former President and Editor-in-Chief at Congressional Quarterly and political reporter at the Wall Street Journal, as well as a former Editor of The

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“If Americans clearly understand that the current path leads inexorably to a crossroad at which the U.S. and Russian presidents will have to choose between humiliation and nuclear confrontation, they too will move beyond the wishful thinking that has thus far prevented the United States from effectively pursuing its real national interests.”

-Graham T. Allison, Dimitri K. Simes

“What President-elect Trump must do now is offer up a much more expansive vision for America in the larger Indo-Pacific region while making the case to the American people why they must support such a vision. When he does, another so-called “shocker” will reverberate the world over but will be something many China watchers have been begging for: a tougher line against Chinese aggression.”

-Harry Kazianis

“America will be most effective at promoting democracy and enhancing its own security when U.S. officials do not link these two goals too tightly.”-

-Paul J. Saunders

“Davos Man is reeling from the upsurge in nationalist sentiment, from Britain to Germany, from America to China.”

-Jacob Heilbrunn


A New Watergate? Trump, Nixon, Leaks and the Media

Calls for a special prosecutor to investigate contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian government officials have evoked comparisons to the Nixon era and Watergate. Strikingly, both the media and the Trump administration officials have drawn these parallels—clearly with different things in mind. Yet little such discussion has incorporated either historical perspective on Richard Nixon’s

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