About the Center

The Center for the National Interest is a non-partisan non-profit public policy organization with a bipartisan board of directors and advisory council. Founded by former President Richard Nixon in 1994 as a programmatically and substantively independent division of the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace Foundation, the Center for the National Interest strives to advance strategic realism in U.S. foreign policy founded on a principled understanding of U.S. national interests. Long known as The Nixon Center, the Center separated from the Nixon Foundation in 2011, when it became an independent entity and adopted its current name.

Through its work, the Center seeks to stimulate debate, to promote public understanding of U.S. foreign policy and international affairs, and to define pragmatic policies to promote America’s national interests in the complex world of the twenty-first century. Its work covers critical relationships—with both allies and adversaries—as well as forces driving the modern world, including military power, technology, energy, trade, and finance. The Center has published the leading foreign policy magazine The National Interest since 2000; The National Interest was founded in 1985. The National Interest is available at www.nationalinterest.org.

The Center for the National Interest accepts financial support from foundations, companies, and individuals. The Center accepts foreign funds only from institutions and individuals in allied or partner nations.

The Center’s offices are a few blocks from The White House in downtown Washington, DC.