Interviews & Commentary

  • Interview: Professor Robert Legvold

    Are the United States and Europe confronting a new cold war with Russia? Was the original cold war overly militarized? What effect will continued low oil prices have on Russia?

  • Interview: Dennis Ross Explains the Middle East

    The Middle East has become the cockpit of international relations in the past few years. The rise of the Islamic State, the collapse of Yemen and, above all, the tumult in Syria have upended the region and drawn in outside powers, including Russia. Is there a prospect of a peace in the Middle East? Or

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    Interview: Akio Takahara

    TNI Editor Jacob Heilbrunn speaks with Professor Akio Takahara of the University of Tokyo.

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    Interview: David Santoro

    TNI’s Executive Editor Harry J. Kazianis speaks with PacForum CSIS Senior Fellow David Santoro.

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    Interview: Milton Ezrati

    TNI Editor Jacob Heilbrunn speaks with Milton Ezrati.