Sinwoo Kim

Visiting Fellow

Sinwoo (Jason) Kim is a seasoned nuclear specialist with over 25 years of diverse experience encompassing government service, legal practice, and technical expertise in the energy sector, with a particular focus on nuclear energy and North Korean affairs.

During his tenure as a government officer in the Republic of Korea, Sinwoo held critical roles in international cooperation, including his nomination as the Korean coordinator to the IAEA in safeguard implementation and the Multinational Safeguards Support Program. Notably, he proposed Un-notice Inspections (UI) in South Korea, revolutionizing transparency in the nuclear industry and reshaping the IAEA’s approach to nuclear facilities in Korea with a State Level Approach.

Sinwoo’s leadership in the US-Korea Joint Fuel Cycle Study and Permanent Coordinator Group meetings further highlights his expertise. As the head of the safeguard and nonproliferation working group, he crafted a legal framework for transferring sensitive information between the US and ROK, effectively managing research outcomes.

Additionally, as a key member of the Korean government delegation for the negotiation of the 123 agreement, Sinwoo played a pivotal role in addressing critical issues such as reprocessing facilities, enrichment, export control, transportation, and physical protection. His contributions led to the successful ratification of the agreement in 2016, providing mutually satisfactory results.

In response to North Korea’s nuclear activities, including the third nuclear weapon test, Sinwoo provided specialized technical reports to the National Security Council of ROK. He also conducted research and development on technologies for detecting North Korea’s nuclear activity, utilizing satellite imagery, seismic signals, and radio-isotope detectors. Furthermore, Sinwoo devised plans for North Korea’s possible denuclearization and verification based on scenario simulations, showcasing his strategic foresight and dedication to regional security.

Before joining the public sector, Sinwoo made significant contributions to the private sector, including spearheading nuclear business planning at POSCO, overseeing commercial nuclear power plant exports to the UAE at KEPCO KPS, and conducting groundbreaking research in nuclear medicine at SUNY Buffalo. He holds a graduate degree in Physics from SUNY Buffalo and a Special Juris Doctor from Seoul National University Law School, with admission to practice law in Washington, D.C. Sinwoo serves as a senior advisor for the Energy Innovation Reform Project (EIRP), a distinguished Washington-based non-profit research and advocacy organization.

Having retired from government service, Sinwoo currently works as a lawyer, continuing his pursuits in the energy sector and international collaboration, residing in McLean, VA. His expertise extends to new nuclear technologies such as Very High Temperature Reactors (VHTR) for hydrogen production, SMRs (small and medium-sized modular reactors), spent fuel issues including cask development, international regulatory harmonization, and fusion studies, all aimed at achieving sustainable energy solutions. Sinwoo is also interested in monitoring North Korean activity based on scientific data and open-source information, providing clear and incisive information to the public.


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