Tag: Energy

  • Clean Energy and Strategic Competition in the Indo-Pacific

    As U.S.-China relations deteriorate, energy—and clean energy—have moved increasingly to the center of their geopolitical and economic competition. The Biden administration has worked closely with U.S. allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific to address some issues, such as supply chain dependencies, but has struggled to compete with Beijing’s efforts to establish China as the region’s

  • Europe’s Energy Crisis and the War in Ukraine

    Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine—and its recent decision to halt natural gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria—have provoked searching debates surrounding Europe’s energy dependence on Russia, economic and political vulnerabilities, European climate goals, and policy options to ensure secure and affordable access to energy. How quickly can Europe (and especially Germany) reduce existing energy imports

  • A New Technological Cold War?

    Technology has emerged as a central front in competition among the United States and its two principal geopolitical rivals, China and Russia. From 5G communications to artificial intelligence, quantum computing, autonomous weapons, and clean energy, new and emerging technologies can provide considerable strategic and economic opportunities while reshaping societies and relations among states. In an effort to