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  • Podcast: Why America Needs a National Security Software Revolution

    Why America Needs a National Security Software Revolution | RSS.com What kind of software revolution does Washington need to promote, and how well is the Pentagon adapting to this new challenge? What are the implications of the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel for software and national security? In this inaugural episode of CFTNI’s new podcast,

  • The Israel-Hamas War and Iran’s Regional Activities

    In the wake of the shocking attack against Israel by Hamas, much attention has focused on the role of Iran, given its material, financial, and rhetorical support for Hamas. What is the nature of the coordination between Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah? How does Iran perceive its interests in this situation? Does Iran still view Hezbollah’s

  • The U.S. Push for Saudi-Israel Normalization

    The Biden administration has been making efforts to expand the Abraham Accords by brokering an agreement on normalization of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. The Saudis have set out their goals, which alongside their desire for progress on the Israel-Palestinian issue include several major “asks” from the US: a security guarantee, easier access to