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  • How Kim Jong-Un Sees a Biden Administration—and How Kim Will Respond

    Election day has come and gone, and now North Korean leader Kim Jong-un knows he will have to deal with Joe Biden in the White House. Kim has gone through a lot over the last four years. He faced off through a period of high tensions with President Donald Trump before meeting in a historic

  • Time to Accept North Korea As a Nuclear Weapons State?

    No matter who wins the U.S. Presidential election come November 3, North Korea will be a top national security priority thanks to its growing nuclear weapons capabilities and long-range missiles. For decades, the majority of North Korea experts, policymakers and politicians on both sides of the political spectrum have maintained that denuclearization is the best

  • North Korean Military Modernization: How Should Washington Respond?

    North Korea’s seemingly rapid ascent to de facto nuclear weapons state with long-range missiles that threaten the U.S. homeland was no accident.  Through decades of testing, countless starts and stops, and billions of dollars of research and development spending, Pyongyang has built a military capable of killing millions of people with a variety of weapons of mass