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  • Perspectives on Central Asian Hydrocarbons, Pipelines, and Transit Corridors

    Central Asia is rich in hydrocarbons and, in principle, can send them in all directions. Demand signals come from the East, South, and the West. How much additional supply can come from the region? What are the most likely pipelines and transit corridors to be built and developed in the coming decade? The Center for

  • Russia’s Global Energy Role: War, Sanctions, and the Energy Transition

    The United States and its allies have imposed wide-ranging financial and technological sanctions on Russia’s energy sector in an effort to impose high costs and to stall or slow new energy projects—all in the hopes that this would apply political pressure to the Kremlin to end President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. These sanctions, and

  • Europe’s Energy Crisis and the War in Ukraine

    Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine—and its recent decision to halt natural gas exports to Poland and Bulgaria—have provoked searching debates surrounding Europe’s energy dependence on Russia, economic and political vulnerabilities, European climate goals, and policy options to ensure secure and affordable access to energy. How quickly can Europe (and especially Germany) reduce existing energy imports