Report: Tackling Asia’s Greatest Challenges


On June 18th, Center for the National Interest released a report edited and co-authored by Harry J. Kazianis, Senior Fellow for Defense Policy and Executive Editor of The National Interest, which focuses on cooperation between the United States, Japan, and Vietnam in the Asia-Pacific region. The report, Tackling Asia’s Greatest Challenges: A U.S.-Japan-Vietnam Trilateral Report, examines some of the most difficult issues facing Asia today while offering timely recommendations on how these three countries can work together in a spirit of cooperation and growing partnership in the years to come. The report examines China’s 2013 Air Defense Identification Zone declaration in the East China Sea and whether Beijing would consider such a zone in the South China Sea. It also explores important economic issues like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, maritime challenges in the near seas, and more. This work was made possible thanks to financial support provided by the Center for Global Progress.

Download the full report here.