Europe and a Changing Middle East


On April 21, the Center for the National Interest hosted a round table discussion on how events in the Middle East and North Africa, such as the wars in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, and the changing roles of Turkey and Russia, are impacting the states of Europe and the European Union. Ambassador James Dobbins, Distinguished Chair in Diplomacy at the RAND Corporation and former Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Ambassador to the European Community, led the discussion of these timely issues. Stephen Szabo, Executive Director of the Transatlantic Academy at the German Marshall Fund, also added substantive remarks on the multiple crises and shifting regional dynamics that are currently challenging the European order. The event was the fourth in a series of meetings planned by Regional Security Program Senior Director Geoffrey Kemp focusing on strategic realignment in the Middle East and North Africa region and was attended by a group of experienced academic and governmental experts in the field.