How Emerging Technologies Impact Great Power Competition


Even as Congress weighs legislation for oversight over Big Tech, the competition between Russia, China, and America has spilled over into the technological realm, including cyber warfare, artificial intelligence, and 5G. How should Washington policymakers address these new developments? What are the domestic and international implications?

On May 20, the Center for the National Interest organized a virtual discussion of these issues with three experts:

Sarah Kreps is the John L. Wetherill Professor in the Department of Government, Adjunct Professor of Law, and the Director of the Cornell Tech Policy Lab at Cornell University. Her most recent article for The National Interest is “Cryptocurrencies Are Not the Major Threat to the Sanctions Regime.”

Mohammed Soliman is a Non-Resident Scholar with the Middle East Institute’s Cyber Program and a Senior Associate at McLarty Associates. His most recent article for TNI is China Is Winning the Middle East’s Data, Cyber, and Technology Race.”

Ville Korpela is the Executive Director at Impact Innovation Institute and a member of the Councilors Program at the Atlantic Council. His most recent TNI article is Could Big Tech Play Peacemaker in Ukraine?

Jacob Heilbrunn, editor of the National Interest, moderated the discussion.