Publication of 2015-16 Young Leaders Fellows’ Papers


The Center for the National Interest is pleased to announce publication of final research papers by the resident and non-resident fellows of the 2015-16 National Interest Young Leaders Fellowship class. Below are links to each fellow’s paper.

Rachel Bauman, Resident Fellow, “Combatting Cold War Tendencies and Rebuilding U.S.-Russian Relations”

Jackson Busse, Non-Resident Fellow, “The US-ROK Alliance: Prospects for the Future”

Emily Chen, Non-Resident Fellow, “Looking into the Past for Future Peace: The Sino-Japan Reconciliation on Historical Memories”

Kyle Churchman, Resident Fellow, “Cross-Strait Relations in the Era of Tsai Ing-wen: Shelving Differences and Seeking Common Ground?”

Jenna Consigli, Non-Resident Fellow, “Defeating ISIL Through Partition: A Case for Dividing Syria”

John Dale Grover, Non-Resident Fellow, “Strategic Empathy as a Tool of Statecraft”

Edward Linczer, Non-Resident Fellow, “Gray Hulls and Air Patrols: The Role of Security Assistance in Washington’s Pivot to Southeast Asia”

Geoffrey Macdonald, Non-Resident Fellow, “When Does US Democracy Promotion Work? Evidence from Burma”

Sungtae “Jacky” Park,  international security analyst based in Washington, DC, “Securing Strategic Buffer Space: Case Studies and Implications for U.S. Global Strategy”

Michelle Peters, Non-Resident Fellow, “The Art of COIN: Understanding the Effect of External Support Party Size on Counterinsurgency”

Kevin Reagan, Resident Fellow, ““Find a Way in Iraq: Considerations for Future U.S. Policy”

Philip Rossetti, Non-Resident Fellow, “Climate Change Makes Success in U.S. Strategy Harder to Achieve”

Declan Sullivan, Non-Resident Fellow, “The Seeds of Terror The Political, Economic, Demographic, and Geographic Causes of Terror Group Formation”