U.S.-Israel Relations and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process


On September 27, the Center for the National Interest hosted a panel discussion on U.S.-Israel relations and the long-dormant peace process between Israel and the Palestinians, featuring speakers Dov Zakheim, a former undersecretary of defense (comptroller) and Center Vice Chairman, and Aaron David Miller, Vice President at the Woodrow Wilson Center and State Department analyst and negotiator. The two debated Zakheim’s proposal, put forth in his latest essay for The National Interest, to link U.S. military assistance to Israel with Israel’s expenditures on West Bank settlements. The two discussed the issue in the context of shifting American priorities in the Middle East and the fading hopes for a resolution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Jacob Heilbrunn, Editor of The National Interest, moderated the discussion.

A written summary of the event can be found here.