What Does the Ukraine War Mean for China and Taiwan?


The war in Ukraine has thrust the future of Taiwan into the geopolitical spotlight. Does Russia’s attack render it more or less likely that China will attempt forcibly to incorporate Taiwan? Are Russia and China likely to draw together even more closely to oppose American foreign policy ambitions? Or, on the contrary, will the Ukraine conflict demonstrate that their alignment amounts to less than meets the eye?

On March 23, the Center for the National Interest hosted two leading foreign affairs analysts for a discussion on these important questions and more.

Paul Heer is a distinguished fellow at the Center for the National Interest and a former National Intelligence Officer for East Asia.

Dov Zakheim is a former US Under Secretary of Defense, a senior fellow at the Center for Naval Analysis, and vice-chairman of the board of the Center for the National Interest.

Jacob Heilbrunn, editor of The National Interest, moderated the discussion.