Tag: U.S.-China Relations

  • Are We Blaming Others for America’s Self-Generated Problems?

    It seems that the number of American fingers pointing abroad to explain developments at home is large and growing.  For many, Trump’s 2016 presidential victory was the product of Russian thumbs on our electoral scales.  Others blame job losses in the US heartland on predatory Chinese mercantilism and unfair labor practices.  Even the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Are China and Russia Outpacing the United States in Military Technology?

    The United States is increasingly facing a technology-driven arms race with China and Russia, in which Beijing and Moscow are each developing new technologies—and tactics—to compete with a still-dominant U.S. military force. This raises a variety of important questions. To what extent are China and Russia succeeding in developing new military technologies? Have China’s or

  • The Case For And Against Donald Trump

    On August 19, 2020, the Center for the National Interest hosted a debate between Dimitri K. Simes and Dov Zakheim on the choices in November’s presidential election. The discussion was based on two articles that appear as the cover story in the latest issue of The National Interest magazine, “Who’s Worse?”, assessing candidates Donald Trump