France’s Defense and Foreign Policy Priorities After Paris


On December 4, the Center for the National Interest hosted an event to discuss France’s foreign and defense policy priorities in the wake of the ISIL-inspired terror attacks in Paris. A leading panel of experts including Christopher Chivvis, Olivier DeCottignies, and Benjamin Haddad  addressed the military, diplomatic, and political implications of France’s anti-ISIL campaign in Iraq and Syria. The event was moderated by Center Senior Fellow and Director of Middle East Studies Andrew Bowen.

Chivvis is a Senior Political Scientist and Associate Director of RAND’s International Security and Defense Policy Center, who has written extensively on France’s evolving defense doctrine. DeCottignies is a Diplomat in Residence at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and previously served as the second counselor at the French Embassy in Tehran. Haddad is a Research Fellow at the Hudson Institute and has advised senior French leaders on foreign policy issues.

A summary of the event is available here.